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Hello, I'm new to this emulation stuff. I have FFT on a CD, I have ePSXe 1.6, I got the following plug ins installed on and put into the pluginns directory of ePSXe. I also got the bios and all that good stuff. I downloaded spuEternal for the sound
CD: Peops
GRaphics: P.E.Op.S. GPU

I have the following files in my plugins directory of ePSXe:


I have a Nvidea GForce 6800GT with the newest version of Direct X and for the grpahics card. When i configured the ePSX with the wizard, I used predifined graphics setting which made everything high. Could that be why/> Can someone tell me what I can do, so when i start the game up, a black window just doesn't show up?> THank u! Also, how do you know what controls are what? I only have a keybaord and mouse, like when it says press start what do u do? I was able to get Vandal Hearts 2 to start up and i could see the main menu, just couldn't find the start button :agree:

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There's two ways to save progress with most PSX emulators: memory card saves and savestates. With memory card saves, save and load your file exactly as if you were playing the game on a real PSX. It works the same way. With savestates, hit F1 to save while playing the game, F2 to switch save slots (5 per game), and F3 to load your save. Be aware that savestates always have the possibility of screwing up, so make sure you save to the memory card as a backup :).
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