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Final Fantasy Tactics

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i tried to play fft on ePSXe, i was using Petes OpenGL, Null2 SPU, and Petes ASPI CDR. originally the whole game ran fast, but i switched to SPU Eternal, and turned on all the options. This slowed down everything except the battles. The battles run FAST, how do i make it normal speed?
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try using the frame limiter option. 60fps for NTSC games and 50 for PAL
If your battles are running too fast, simply set a manual FPS limit (50 for pal or 60 for ntsc).
im new to the psx emu, what is PAL and NTSC?
PAL and NTSC are regional standards for television display frequencies. if you are european then you probably use PAL. if you are japanese/american, you use NTSC.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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