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Final Fantasy Tactics?

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can anyone tell me anything about it? i have no clue what is Final Fantasy Tactics.

and Raziel keep ur month shut, i don't like to hear from you, i know if u reply here, u will say "geeez, you so stupid".
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Originally posted by chris_82
Just incase u want the link
why is that?
i been to the website, but i couldn't tell if its a PSX game or SNES game. can u tell me? this can incrase the chance for me to burn a copy
Originally posted by Rargh
Chris, don t ever talk to him,
he s just here for troubles!
saying stupid stuff and all.
I don t care about it now...
you little peice of shit
Originally posted by Raziel
geeez, you so stupid
because u ******* made me had nothing else to say!
hahahahaha, look like u are out of words too. i c, when was ur last fun?
Originally posted by Raziel
Hmm,I'd say about one month ago,when a small brain like you named 8bitOrgy came on this forum and got banned.
I'm different from him, tell me how did he get banned, i can last much longer than his.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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