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Ok so i got epsxe v 1.7.0. I got the ISO for Tactics. I open the emulator and run the ISO and it works fine, until the squaresoft logo. It will not even run the beginning video.

I've tried dozens of plugin configs but i have the feeling i haven't tried the right one. I've got the message resolution/color depth not supported, which is video card related i think but i'm pretty sure its not my video card. I've read about some other folks who are using much older computer and having no trouble.

My computer is a emachines from like 2005-6 and i have windows vista. Now i haven't tried any other games because i don't want to play any other games, just tactics. Can i get some feedback as to what might cause this and how to fix it? Recommended plugins/configs and where to obtain said plugins would be nice.

And also i have no sound with epsxe spu 1.7. Is this some sound card issue or will another sound plugin fix it? Someone please help me before i jump off a bridge in frustration, i just want to play my favorite game without worring about scratches and such. :mad:
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