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Final Fantasy Origins & Anthology

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I tried to emulate them on my 1.6 epsxe using the original CDs, but the games are extremely slow. Not only the videos, but the music as well. I have a Nvidia Ge Force 2 mx and I use Pete's OpenGL2 (with the first Open GL plugin, Heart of Darkenss wouldn't run.)

What can I do? I don't think my hardware is too obsolete since I successfully played 3-d games and that's only a 2-d.

Thank you!
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ues peops soft plugin, whats your processor speed btw?
I never remember how to watch. I have Windows 2000 pro.
rightclick my computer > properties, it'll show your processor type and speed there.
Use epsxe 1.5.2 with that games, 1.6.0 has known problems with them.
I played Origins perfectly with ePSXe 1.6.0. I used Peops Soft plugin.
I have to agree with Esturk. Peops Plugin solved all of my problems. Thank you!
I'm a girl. ;) Origins is now perfect. I still have problems with Anthology but before complaining I'll try with epsxe 1.5.2 as suggested.
Well as far as Anthology goes.. I'd play FFV and VI on Zsnes.
I'd do so too but I need to see the CG cutscenes (I suppose they even aren't that great. Or are they?).
Also, new thanslation is nice and I finally can understand better what's going on.
Anyway that's what I'll do if the game makes me mad like until now.
2 points:
1. Fan translations. If you are a stickler for quality, they are better than the official ones.
2. FMVs can be ripped out. The PSX ported FF games have at most 2 FMVs per game.
anthology has a bunch of only has the intro and ending (pretty damn weak).

besides, the loadign time (like to the menus, especially in FF5 and 6) really kills it for me. i didnt even finish FF6 on anthology because that pissed me off so much. and i finished FF5, but very grudgingly >_>
The worst part of FFVI on Anthology was the battle transitions. Horribly slow.... I didn't even play it after the first battle.:p
IMO the worst part was press Triangle. opening the menu took about 2-3 seconds :???:
Is there no way to speed 'em up on an emulator? That would've been great!
The whole point is that the emulator runs it at a set speed in relation to the original machine (usualy 1:1) and doesn't speed up actions which it could (such as memcard saves/loads)
Yeah, the Chankast authors were rather brilliant in that respect (was it Chankast? Can't remember), by speeding up load times. (Then again, the Dreamcast probably refers to some opcode when it wants to load something, making it easy to do... or maybe not, I dunno)
I'm not experiancing loading problems...for now. Really, battles and menus are fine since I started using the new plugin. But here's what still doesn't work right.
That's ok, I switched to epsxe 1.5.2
and most of the things in the game (Anthology) seem to work just fine.
But I still have a few minor problems.
First, some tiles won't show, leaving a black space. For instance, tiles under chairs or over
up-leading stairs, the tiles around the border of the airship and so on.
I think it's a problem with trasparence because if the character goes on them he becomes hidden.
Yeah, practically all that should be transparent shows up as black instead.
If I load a game state the music will disappear.
And finally, the music sometimes just gets stuck, like in a scratched CD. All the rest of the game will
continue to work allright.
Is there a way I can solve this?
Actualy I think the way chankast does it is that it trys to run as fast as possible. Loading needs little power, so....

As regarding KoShiatar's post, those issues are emulator issues. Known issues with using ePSXe. I do believe they happen in PSXeven PCSX and AdriPSX as well.
Live with it or use the real, sorry SNES versions, is my advice.
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