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Final Fantasy IX

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I'm new to RPG game so I have several question about this game before I purchase one. Anyone please help!

1. Is this game something like Parasite Eve II or Residenti Evil (I like this type of game :)

2. Is the way of shooting something like the above two games (ie. pressing some button to aim and another button to shoot)

Thanks in advance.
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1. Not really. The games you mention are of the action genre, RPGs tend to have a slightly slower pace with more dialog and character development.

2. Sort of. Battles are done on a turn basis. You have a basic set of commands which your character can perform after selecting with the main buttons which in turn usually leads to a more sophisticated list of commands (for example, choosing Magic leads to a listing of the variety of Magic your character can use). Then, using the Dpad, you select which opponent you'd like to attack, then press a button to confirm. There's really no concept of "aiming" in the FF series, your character does this automatically.
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