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Final Fantasy IX

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I've been having a problem and because of this I can't advance further into the game.
In disc 2, when I go into the big sandstorm Cleyra, it blackscreens after the small conversation Zidane and Freya have. There is still the sound of the whirlwind but still black screen. I know the game hasn't frozen because I can soft reset the game back to the main menu.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thanks ^_^
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Which emulator are you playing on?
Are you playing from a disk or an ISO?

I had a problem similar to this - on my Disk One on my PS2, I can't pass Qu's Marsh (Including the mandatory ATE at the Evil Forest about Mogster) or the Burmecia bell room, and while the screen doesn't pass the dreadful black screen, the music keeps going, but it works just fine on an emulator.
I'm playing on the ePSXe emulator and I'm playing from an ISO file.
try playing from the disc instead, if it works fine that way then just re-rip you image. if it doesnt work, make sure you are loading from a memory card save, save states can sometimes cause problems like this too. you should also make sure that you are using epsxe 1.5.2 or 1.7.0 to play the game, do not use 1.6.0 as it has well-known compatibility issues with FF9.
Yeah it still didn't work. I saved the game in world map, soft reset and reloaded. Still no result.
So I tried about 1 hour later and it worked! ^_^ Thanks jonc for the help :p, now I can carry on.
That spot, and another near the beginning of disc three, and possibly some others, crash if save states are loaded from on that playthrough before it. That game doesn't like save states very much. Use them for saves before key spots, but always make your actual saves through the in game save Moogles, and be prepared that if you load from a save state, if you hit a spot where it does crash, you better hope the latest in game save you can load from isn't too far back.
its also disk read related on my experience.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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