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why won't Final Fantasy IX boot up in Epsxe? I can get it running (and epsxe DOES work for other games..) but then it seems to switch resolutions (my monitor flickers and clicks when it changes resollutions) and I have a Grey bar on the left side of the screen and the sound is EXTREMELY slow... any ideas?

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The non-working version is PAL/english so... if you don't got the NTSC version (like me) you cannot play the game... The PAL version gived only me the black screen after little cd spinning...
but there must be somethin' else in your game / Comp because
the there haven't been any screen flickering in the different country game's in the working and non-working...
maybe you got some messed PIRATE VERSION... don't think though... the pirated games are premium stuff... *kough*
Try the game on your friends computer... ... ...

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I'm running:

PII 400 Mhz
128 MB Ram
Voodoo 5 5500 w/64 MB of VRAM
Diamond Sonic something or other sound card (PCI)
40x generic ATAPI CD-Rom
6x (32x CD) DVD Drive ( I don't use it)

For the plugins I usually use:

Pete's D3D or Lewpy's Glide3
Null2's Sound driver or one of the others (I can't remember)
And one of the CDRoms I can't remember the namne ATAPI something..
Bios : SCPH-1001
both boxes in MDEC settings checked

Any ideas?

** I bought the NTSC Version it is the REAL deal so it's not copied or an ISO or anything like that...

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ok.. I was at school, I am home and can check the plugins now :)

And they are.....

Lewpy's 3dfx/Glide³ GPU 1.31 or
Pete's D3D Driver 1.47

Pete's MIDAS Audio Driver 1.7 or
Null2's Audio Driver 1.3

ASPI Driver 1.2


Both Options enabled.. cya(back to school, I am home for lunch)

anything else... just let me know
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