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Final Fantasy IX trouble

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I'm having trouble on disk 2 of Final Fantasy IX. I'm at Qu's marsh trying to find the excavation site. I've read FAQs and it says that quina should chase a frog. I go to the screen where he should chase it and nothing happens. Is this a glitch in ePSXe? Is my system screwed up? Did I get bad information? Is there something else I need to do? And if anyone can't help, could someone give me a MCR file with a save right after it please?!?

P4 - 1.3 GHz
TNT2 AGP card
internal spu
pete's opengl gpu
internal cd plugin
128 mb ram
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In my recollection, you have to have Quina in your party, and then run around the rightmost grasses. Should be the topmost right grass area. Can't remember too well, I'm on Disc 4 . . .
Maybe you need to speak with the Qu in the house first.
Alright, this is from PlayOnline:

"Zidane finds Quina again at the frog pond. If you've adventured together before, s/he gripes about the hard trip back from Cleyra. It's a good idea to see Quina before doing any leveling up or Ability learning out on the surrounding plains, because recruiting him/her brings the party up to four strong. You might find a new brood of frogs to catch at the pond, too.


Return to Quale's hut to see if the elder Qu has any knowledge of an excavation site. Quale does give a few sketchy clues, but doesn't know much more than you do. From Quale's hut, exit to the right into the brush. Quina will pick up the scent of more frogs, and takes Zidane straight to the entrance of the excavation site. Enter the tunnel and descend the steps into Fossil Roo, the treacherous underground passage to the Outer Continent."
I've done that... nothing happens.
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Gimme your ruddy memcard or savestate. I'll see what I can do. ;)

I only have one save, & it's at Disc 4.
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