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Final Fantasy IX not working..

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I've read most of the other "not working" posts, and i think mine's a little different.. : P

I'm running:
Athlon 1.333 GHz Tbird
Soundblaster Live 5.1
Asus V7700 (Geforce 3)

with ePSXe using:
SCPH1001 Bios
Pete's OpenGL/D3D 1.52 (tried both)
Iori's DSound 1.4 and ePSXe SPU 1.4.0

and a copy of FFIX on TDK cd's.

It runs properly (I think) but stops after the very first "Squaresoft Presents" screen (before the colour logo screen)
after the words fade, the cdrom give one last spin, then the game freezes. I think this happened before with Bleem, so I'm not sure if it's my cd's or the setup that's the problem. Help anyone?

Thanks alot,

Cix Klamroth


Inserting the screen that I get.. then it stops, not crashes.

Cix Klamroth

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Check with ePSXecutor that MDECs are enabled.
It could be one of 2 things, as far as I can tell:

1) It's a problem with the CD. Try launching the game from one of the other CDs.

2) It's a problem with the MDECs (movies) - a movie starts right after that screen, as you might know. Try download epsxecutor and fooling around with the MDEC settings.
alright, it starts when i use disc 2, but i don't think it registers my changing of discs.. is there some button i should press when i change to disc 1?

ps. the game (disc 1 anyway) worked on a modded ps1...

Cix Klamroth


okay thanks guys, you rock!

played around with the settings, so the game's working on disc 1.. but none of my buttons register..
any suggestions?

Cix Klamroth
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Press F4. This should make the emulator register your keypresses.
sweet that's awesome!

it's all working now (i think)

: )

thanks so much!

Cix Klamroth
thanks : ) but i still can't figure out how to change discs...
is it possible to get the ePSXe window up during the game? (the one with the funky coloured blue background + logo)

or how do u tell it there's a new disc in the drive?

Cix Klamroth
Press esc, that'll bring up the menu. In "File" there is "Change Disc". Happy hunting :) .
No prob :)
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