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I have a little problem with the game FF IX. Didn't find any post about that problem -> slow downs /: But only in battle.... The movies an other is fine.
Dont know why... if i set to 80 FPS limit it drops to 56... If i put it to 200, it drops to 100 /:

My spec:
C2D E8500 stock
4GB ram
ATI HD 4870 512MB
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit

I'm using PSXeven 1.9, my settings:

An the problem:

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This isn't the PSXeven forum. This is the ePSXe forum.

Anyway, the problem is the VRAM amount you've defined, or rather, haven't defined. Manually define it. ATi drivers can't auto-detect the value correctly.

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moving to psxeven disc.
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