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Ok then here's my situation...
When I use either of Petes D3D 1.52 GPUs, sometimes when I talk to people in towns or wherever, the screen will go completely black except for the text box and if you just continue, the screen will eventually redraw properly, sometimes.

And, when I use Petes OpenGL 1.52, the game runs perfect except for when a battle starts, the swirl effect slows WAY down and takes almost 1 minute to load the actual battle screen.

I'm running,
P III 800mhz
128 RAM
32 MB ATI Graphics Card
ISO from HD

Both GPUs are set to "nice" with a res of 800x600 32bit...
Any ideas on how I can run this game properly...


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Try this ..

Try to disable the Antialiasing option of your video card (Desktop properties - configuration - Advanced - etc ...)

It happened to me too (I have a P3 - 733 with 512Ram and a Geforce256 DDR) and it fixed the stuff

Hope it will Help


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