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Final Fantasy IX 3rd CD crash

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I'm not sure if I should call this a 'crash', since it doesn't crash; instead it just stops doing anything.

FF9 has worked well until the third CD. I've played through the Treno card game tournament and the problem appears when Eiko runs to Zidane and tells that her moogle told her that bad things are happening in Alexandria. The game cuts to a scene where the bad guy, Kuja, speaks poems behind a statue of some important hero. Then he walks to the front of the screen and raises his hands and the picture starts to fade out.

Then suddenly, when the whole screen has gone black, the game just stops. Pete's video configs show that FPS is still running around 60, but no progress happens. I've waited, at least, 15 minutes, but still a black screen. Pressing buttons didn't work either. Changing ePSXe version to 1.52 didn't help. Changing ISOs didn't help. Nothing seems to help.

So I decided to ask you, guys.
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I skimmed your post for three seconds and already know what the problem is. Don't use save states. This is a known occurrence due to that (at at least this and one other spot you've already passed). Reload the latest in game save and play from there. It will pass that spot then.

By the way, the screen goes black because an FMV is about to play, and I'm pretty sure the halt at Cleyra is also when the FMV is played. I wonder why it's only those two FMVs that give this problem when save states are used.
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