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Final Fantasy 9 .......

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How does it run once you've patched it.. I hav a PSX and that's what I'm playing it on but I have a friend who wants to buy it but as I am not going to play through the gme again on VGS I was wondering if anyone had a good experience using the patch on VGS... Comments or lectures or just idle chatter is a good way to reply in any way or form lol That was stupid I'm too hyper.. time for riddelin... hehehe j/k but any comments would be nice to have.. good or bad! Thanks...


*PS - BTW, he doesn't have a PSX that's why and he's like me and not getting PS2 till Christmas unless we get summer jobs :(
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I played it for a few hours to get over a problem in ePSXe (it wouldn't skip an MDEC and kept crashing) and to be honest you're MUCH better off using ePSXe which doesn't require a patch. It plays fine and sometimes the sound effects are more accurate in VGS but the graphics are very grainy and low res and occasionally there are problems with the battle menu (it sort of disappears off to one side and whatever you try to do results in you attacking your own party members.)

If you're short specced and can't get a decent framerate out of ePSXe the VGS is a godsend, but if you can get something acceptable out of ePSXe you'll get much more out of it.
VGS works pretty well with FF9. I switch between ePSXe and VGS because, as Cugel says, sometimes the battle thing gets screwed up and you have to run away. The sound in VGS is perfect, in my opinion, though. The graphics in ePSXe are super good, except at the parts where the graphics becomes too much and sometimes everything slows down...
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