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Final Fantasy 9 -When should it rumble?

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I bought and Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power and a Logitech Wingman Rumblepad, trying to find out which one is the best for me.

I get a short rumble when I turn the Rumblefeature in the FinalFantasy-Options-Menu on, but nowwhere else.
Isn't it supposed to rumble at every hit I get in battle, or something that way?
I have the lastet driver installed (So far, I only tested the Firestorm, for its buttons are pretty near to the PSX-controller), but it wont do it.

Also, when I start the patched FF9 ISO, I have to press F5 to switch temporay back to digital mode, for it won't start after the patcher-massage. After that I press Start and then F5 again, and everything is fine.
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Does Ehrgeiz rumble anywhere?

I don't know if I even own a PC-game with force-feedback support, I only wanted it for Final Fantasy... :(

Does "Ehrgeiz" rumbles somewhere? And, how on earth can I get there in the options-menu to turn the dualshock-controller on in the game?
Well, the programmer did a very good job on ePSXe, but I'm not that shure if the forcefeedback-support is fully complete. Seems that it's not that easy!
Well, since I'm not able to summon at this point, I'll try to catch an airbus - I'm for the first time in Lindblum, can I get a ride on these airbuses at this point? Okay okay, I just try it:confused:
I took my first ride on an airbus!:wtf: It works, it works, it works! Happy happy joy joy! Thanks, EfrainMan, and shame on me, that I thought that ePSXe isn't perfect:eyemove: So I'll keep my Thrustmaster Firestorm, and send back this unworthy PSXtoPC-adapter, that didn't wanted to rumble at all.
I don't even like that original dualshock pad that much, it's just to small for my hands!
At the moment I'm at work, so I can't have a close look on my configuration - I'll add that later.
When you turn the Dualshock-option in the Final Fantasy IX Options menu on, you must get a short rumble as response.
Do you get this one?
It appears each time you switch in that menu to on.

Here we go, some more infos about my configuration:

Win98/DirectX8.0a (if you have DirectX8 installed, the "a" is very important, 'cause the first version was very buggy with force-feedback), and, the latest drivers from
The driver on the CD is very buggy, too - I got the best crashes ever seen on my PC, one time even the monitor got so dark that you could hardly read anything, until I plugged out the power of my PC!

Analog/Digital is enabled, the rumble-menu at DirectX and both motors are constant. (at least in my actual configuration)
When I start FinalFantasy IX, I have to press F5 when the patchmessage appears, when the game is complety there, I press F5 again to return to analog/digital mode.

I guess the Thrustmaster taskbar utility must run, when you want to have rumble effects, at least I do so.

Hope that helps!
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1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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