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I've had no problems with ff9 until i came to this point in disk 3. Its at the part when zidane walks to the star display in oeilvert and then you see two planets come together...zidane then says "what the heck could this mean?" After that i decide to walk to the opening on the right side of the room. I walk out to the ledge, then a exclamation point is there so i press enter. Zidane looks like he is about fall, then epsxe seems to freeze; the sound also freezes. Can someone please help me?

I have the FF9 US version playing of an iso i made off the original cd
My settings are
Pentium 3 933 mhz
32 mb Geforce 256
Petes OpenGl driver 1.52
1280x1024 32 bit
texture quality: R8 G8 B8 A8
filtering: extended
Caching type: Palletized
I have Use FPS limit enabled and FPS limit set at 60
Off screen drawing: Enhanced
Framebuffer textures: Gfx Buffer
Alpha multipass, advanced blending, unfiltered framebuffer updates, and the ff9 G4 polygon cache fix enabled

For sound i use the Prodigy Sound driver 0.1
48000hz,16 bit
buffer length: 50
block: 6
and only interpolation enabled
i have enabled all the sound options: sound, cdda sound, xa sound, xa read, and spu irq hack

The game worked perfectly before this part, is there a way to stop ff9 from freezing? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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ALL the movie problems in square games occur when there is normal game grafix being renderd ontop of a MDEC backround. (Cleyra, Gargan Roo, Black mage vilalge, Olevert, the ending) I solved it by getting new CDs. (I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but neither did I)

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There still seems to be the issue of FF9 freezing on a few comps right when its about to play an mdec. namely, entering cleyra, before Kuja summons stuff in Alexandria and maybe one or two more. The problem is caused by savestates and there use when you reach that point. What you need to do is save at the closest moogle, then press Esc, goto the Epsxe menu Run then restart. then just let it load to the title screen and reload what you saved from the memcard. then play through where it would normally freeze and don't use savestates till after your through the part where it would freeze. hope this helps.
That's from the "A Request..." thread - try that.
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