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Final fantasy 9 doesn't load

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It's been hours since I started my searches to make FF9 work on my computer...
The damned games was working with version 1.3 of epsxe with the plugins I got, but since I started using epsxecutor and upgraded to version 1.4, the first CD crashes after the first letters of introduction "squaresoft inc.". the movie won't start and I tried with CD3 to start the game and it is loadind! Until it asks for CD1...
I tried every gpus that were mentionned in the posts of this forum; opengl, softgpu and the rest and it has done nothing.
Guys (or girls, for that matter), you're my only hope, what should be done?:eyes:
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A little more information about your computer and your configuration of epsxe would help..
I have a pentium 3 750MH
a voodoo 2
384meg ram
and I use right now
epsxe 1.4
pete's openglgpu1.54
Iori's directsound1.4
and I run isos to play the game
You should use lewpy's glide pluggin since you have a voodoo 2..

Try this configuration with lewpy's glide pluggin..

Lewpy's Glide³ Plugin Configuration Information v1.35

Computer Information
OS : Microsoft Windows 98 SE (v4.10 Build 2222)
DirectX : DirectX 8.1 installed
Processor : AMD AMD Athlon(tm) processor, 1052Mhz (1 off) (00/0642)
64kb L1-I, 64kb L1-D, 256kb L2 (on-chip)
Memory : 765Mb

Core Emulator
: 02/06/2001 22:18, 98304 bytes

| Type | Name | Version | Date |
| BIOS | SCPH1001.BIN | | 11/07/1997 05:38 |
| CDR | W9XCDRCORE | 0.0 | Plugin Not Found |
| GPU | gpuLewGlide.dll | 1.35 | 01/08/2001 20:05 |
| SPU | spuIori.dll | 1.4 | 01/09/2001 22:58 |

| ePSXe Configuration Item | Current Setting |
| Sound Enabled | Yes |
| CDDA Enabled | Yes |
| XA Enabled | Yes |
| XA Read Enabled | Yes |
| SPU IRQ Hack | No |
| CDROM Drive Letter | F |
| CDROM Accurate Timing | No |
| Disable CDROM Status | No |
| Disable CDROM RT Status | No |
| MDEC Enabled | Yes |
| MDEC Timing Enabled | Yes |
| SIO IRQ Always Enabled | Yes |
| Country | AutoDetect |

Board : Voodoo5 (tm)
Version :
File : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\glide3x.dll
: 16/01/2001 12:38, 348160 bytes

| Plugin Configuration Item | Current Setting |
| Active Configuration | 1 |
| Active 3dfx Card | 1 |
| Enable HotKeys | No |
| Resolution | 640x480 |
| Refresh Rate | 60Hz |
| Emulate MASK Bit | Yes |
| Dynamic Texture Caching | Yes |
| Custom FrameCap | 60Hz |
| On-Screen Display | Off |
| Frame Skip | Disabled |
| FrameRate Limit | Auto |
| System Type | NTSC |
| FrameCap Method | New |
| Draw Method | Bright |
| Alpha Blending Mode | Advanced |
| Bilinear Filtering | Enabled w/o Sprites |
| Alpha Testing | Normal |
| FrameBuffer Access | Read/Write |<-------------------
| Off-Screen Drawing | Full | <-------------------
| Polygon Mode | Textured |
| Texture Windows | Enabled |
| VSync | Enabled |
| Banshee Code | Disabled |
| MDEC Format | Texture |
| Experimental Flipping | On | <---------------
| Experimental Screen Sizing | Off |
| FrontBuffer Rendering Fix | Off |
| FF7 TextureWindow Fix | Off |
| DMAChain Fix | Long |

Be aware of the Arrows.. Experimental flipping is required for FF7, 8, and 9.. FRamebuffer access and off screen drawing can be adjusted to get either more speed, or more graphic effects.. I suggest you set Framebuffer to "write" and OSD to "extra"..
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What version of FF9 are you playing? If it's PAL, you need a patch. You can get it here:

Maybe it's a bad iso. Try ripping it again from the original cd.
I've got the same prob! I've got the original NTSC version of FF9 first disc however it freezes right b4 the menu! All the other discs load to the menu screen (new game or continue) however the first one doesnt!
Im not sure how to fix it.. here are my specs.. (I know i barely meet the requirements but have no money to upgrade)
Pentium 2 333
Ati Rage Pro
192mb Ram
Windows XP Pro
epsxe 1.4 (-all the plugins i could find as well)
I've tried pete's and next gl's plugins but neither work.. can anyone help?
It sounds like it may be that you don't have mdecs enabled, you may want to check to ensure that it is. By crash do you mean it completely exits out of the emulator or the screen just goes black?
Ok.. this is what happens..
The screen goes black and it just stays that way...
how do i check if the mdecs are enabled?
Originally posted by Thantos
Ok.. this is what happens..
The screen goes black and it just stays that way...
how do i check if the mdecs are enabled?
Look at your epsxe registry key.. Mdecs and mdec timing should be set to "1" if not, then they have been disabled.. Enable them with executor..
does anyone know which plugin for my epsxe would work the best with an ati rage pro graphics card?
(epsxe doesnt detect pete's direct x 7 plugin)
pete's software or kazzuya's software plugins
k ive set everything up.. used the pete plugin but when i run the cd it just goes to a blank black screen
the same for me, I am experiencing this and mdecs are enabled + timing.(For this, I mean that the screen goes black after the very firsts writing which are not mdecs)
For what I know, the problem is either epsxecuttor wich wasn't used before or the new plugins, for I was able to play about 2 months ago.
May an experienced user find a way to save us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
('cause I wil die if I don't play this game. Nah, forget it, I'll open up my purse and buy the PC version $$$$$$$$$:( )
There is no official PC version of FF 9, nor does it look like there will be one.
umm then do u have ne ideas on how to help us?
Do you have any problems with other keys? Have you tried the original cds? Have you tried a different bios? Do you have any sound whatsoever when the screen is black? Have you tried uninstalling epsxe and epsxecutor, completely removing the registry entries, and then reinstalling them? And when you say you try to start the game with cd 3 it does the black screen thing again when you switch cds?
I have tried all bios I got sphc1001 and 7502,

I rented a original version to see if it was my copy that was corrupted,

no sound is heard when the screen goes black cause it just freeze without exiting epsxe,

I tried to slash everything when I had problems with epsxecutor two months ago and it seemed al the settings were staying the way they were so I didn't ried this one for now,

and finally when I put cd3 the music start with the presentation of the characters and the game asks if I start a new game or if I continue, but when I try to begin a gain it asks for the cd1 (I figure that is supposed to be so) but when I use the change cd option, the cd1 start and the screen just go black as before.

I suppose the way to fix this is stupid and easy to do but it takes a smart ass to figure it out (or I hope so because there is plenty of these on this site)
maybe i can help you

i had this problem too and i have fixed it :)
the problem is ePSXecutor!!!!!
so now howe i fixed it:

first of all you should delete this files:
then remove from your registry this:
HKEY CURENT USER/ Software / ePSXecutor
now restart your PC and FF9 will work(i hope so)
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