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So I got the ISO for Final Fantasy VIII (NTSC-U) and I tried a few different video plugins. I get drastically different results.

With both of Pete's D3D Driver it seems to run fine but lag a bit at the start of battles. I didn't mind this so much until certain attack animations and then the whole boss fight with Ifrit were lagging like crazy.

So I did a Google search to see if anyone was having this same problem and those people were advised to switch to Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.77.

Except when I try that the video and sound are way way too fast.

I tried Pete's OpeNGL 2 Driver 2.9 bu then the game doesn't load at all. I just get a message about render-texture extension missing.

I'm new to emulators in general and I don't know much about computers I did a search here and saw there were quite a lot of threads about problems with FF8 so I'm sorry if I'm being a broken record and n00b.

The Cdrom plugin I'm using is ePSXe CDR ASPI core 1.5.2.

And I only know hw to get my computer specs by clicking Computer and then properties. Here's what it says:
Windows Vista Home Premium
Dell Inspiron 5455
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80 GHz

As for my Graphics card or whatever, I used a thing called GPU-Z at another person's suggestion to find out about its specs:

And I haven't done any configuration on the Video plugins.

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Check the tutorial out on how to get Epsxe working in full for you.

YouTube - How To Run ePSXe On Your Computer

And the plugin that works the most with every game is PEOPS Soft Driver 1.17.Just click the Nice setting at the bottem left corner,put it on windowed mode,choose a res that'll fit your screen.put the frame limit to 60 fps,and leave the other stuf alone and play your game.

Hope this helps.

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yeah, don't even bother trying the hardware plugins on intel gfx.
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