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Final Fantasy 8 PAL -patch badly needed

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Sorry, I searched half an hour, and didn't found this patch -only some for FF9.
Can someone post me an URL or mail it to me? I got it today through Ebay and can't get it to work.

Many regards,

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I'm not really sure exactly what you're looking for, but some of these look promising:

Try some of the files on there and let me know what happens. If none of those is what you want, check some of these pages:

Google search results: Final Fantasy 8 Pal patch download
The first ones (from the 1st link) don't seem to be a patch for playing FF8 on ePSXe, well, I'll look further the next days.

When I try to start my original CD's with ePSXe, I get a low framerate of 20fps, after pressing Start the screen goes black and nothing else happened... (But then I got the full rate of 50fps:mad: )
Thanks, ok, ok, I give up. Maybe I shouldn't have asked for this.
I know how to use a search engine, but I don't want to make a burnt copy make playable, nor do I need to trick out a real playstation.
Just wanted to have the patch that makes FF8 PAL run properly with ePSXe. It is even the original, for Final Fantasy is just to good to trick Squaresoft out, and is every penny worth it!

I know that this patch exists, as it is stated in the ePSXe FAQ's, and it was easy to find some for FF9 PAL.
Well, I played FF8 the whole way through on the PC, and just wanted to test if the rumble feature works on FF8 as well, for some people stated it doesn't.

Maybe someone can just mail me a link or even the patch itself (but please not 1000 mails, I'm not shure if my mailbox can handle this ;) )

Anyway, thanx for trying.
Its not that you need to "trick out" the emu more that you need to"trick out" the game. The patch that enables you to burn a copy of the game is the SAME patch that enables you to run the game in the emu. You already found it!
Thanx, Betamax, a good system gives always a good hint, hm?;)

Well, maybe THEN I shall start a new thread, 'cause I still have a very slow start around 20 fps, and when I press start, I get a pretty black screen at flickerfree 50 fps. Not bad, but after some minutes it gets some kind of boring!

And all I wanted to know is if the rumble feature works better than in FF9, where it get lost after some time...:eyespin:
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