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Final Fantasy 8 (OpenGL 1.76, Framebuffer stuff, Lord Kane)

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I'm using Lord Kane's Pete's OpenGL 1.76 recommendation from here:

1) Does setting Framebuffer Textures and Access to 0 kill any interesting effects in the game other than the battle swirl and some screen fading in/out effects? The battle swirl doesn't work correctly with the OpenGL1 plugin but with these 2 set to zero it doesn't look as bad.

2) When I leave certain areas in the game, like Garden, the screen doesn't fade out any more and just stays there, followed by some display corruption and then goes to the world map. Is there any way to get the effect with the plugin?

SPECS: Radeon 9700 Pro, Athlon XP 1800, 512 Ram, Windows XP, Pete's OpenGL 1.76 plugin
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Damn, I spent ages trying to get it to work, I found a near perfect config but not perfect, or close enough to perfection, like this one (apparently, haven't tested yet).
Could it be the update that fixed this, coz I haven't done any testing with the latest updates of the plugins (last OGL I used - 1.75, OGL2 - 2.7).
Anyway, maybe that means OGL2 works well too? I can't test right now, but if no one has, I'll do it sooner or later.
Yeah, the battle swirl, sorry, should've said that.
Ok, I've done a bit of testing. Tested both OGL and OGL2.

OGL: Your perfect settings are close to perfect, but the battle swirl isn't perfect. No slowdowns or anything, but it isn't the actual battle swirl. There are 2 parts to it, the white blurring, then the black transition. The white blurring bit is a bit screwed up. Fixing this introduces other worse problems though.
Either, Framebuffer access = 3, Alpha Multipass = off, perfect battle swirl, but exitting menu in world map screws things up.
Or, Framebuffer access = 1/2, almost perfect battle swirl, tiny prob exitting menu, but that's it.

OGL2: *Everything* is perfect, except for a small slowdown during battle swirls, which goes down to around 45fps for 2 secs.

I'm doing this mostly from memory, so I might be wrong on a few things. I've attached my OGL2 config, the OGL one already posted is pretty much the one I used, so no point. I think the new versions of the plugins fixed a few minor things, though for OGL2, fixed that huge slowdown issue, which is great. I've only done a tiny bit of testing too.

My comp btw, is:
Win XP Pro
1gb RAM
P4 2.4GHz
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1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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