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Final Fantasy 8 (OpenGL 1.76, Framebuffer stuff, Lord Kane)

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I'm using Lord Kane's Pete's OpenGL 1.76 recommendation from here:

1) Does setting Framebuffer Textures and Access to 0 kill any interesting effects in the game other than the battle swirl and some screen fading in/out effects? The battle swirl doesn't work correctly with the OpenGL1 plugin but with these 2 set to zero it doesn't look as bad.

2) When I leave certain areas in the game, like Garden, the screen doesn't fade out any more and just stays there, followed by some display corruption and then goes to the world map. Is there any way to get the effect with the plugin?

SPECS: Radeon 9700 Pro, Athlon XP 1800, 512 Ram, Windows XP, Pete's OpenGL 1.76 plugin
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are you using AA with that?
n_w95482 said:
I didn't have AA turned on at the time of testing.
hmm...i'll have to do that testing then, i want to see with texture filtering and AA.....
just for further noting, please do not make multiple posts about the same thing. i've answered your question in this thread and closed your made thread. to everyone else, please ignore the post in this thread.
I've used Eternal with the FF8 fix; no problems as far as sound goes.
And it wouldn't even matter if someone sent it to you, the configuration is stored in the registry :rolleyes: Just download pSX which requires very little configuration and use that.
Well have you seen this thread?
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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