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Final Fantasy 8 graphics problems in ePSXe

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Hi, I have a few games running in ePSXe without any problems but when I tried to run FF8 I run into a big one.

First of all, it seems to lag and glitch the intro. The audio got out of sync at parts.

Then when the game started all the dialogue boxes are glitched out...they're mostly black. I can't read anything on them.

My system is an AMD 3800+, 3gb ram, Nvidia 9800GSO, running Windows 7
I am using Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9, Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41, and scph7502.bin bios

Any tips?
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try turning off the texture filtering settings. if for some reason you are using save states, even if it is this early in the game, make a real memory card save and try loading from that instead.
Though I don't think it mattered I switched my bios to 1001. I also changed a few video settings and suffered through the intro again (can't skip it). Good call on the save state thing...

It looks like it's working now! Oh, and I turned on a cpu monitoring gadget to watch my cpu use and my cores were hitting 100% (was watching the colbert report at at the same time. I really need an upgrade...)
I turned it off and the audio glitching / skipping went away.


high cpu usage rates like that are normal, unless you are actually having performance issues regardless of how you have things configured it is nothing to really worry about.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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