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I've recently downloaded ePSXe and found many a problem with FF7, i've seen most of the threads pertaining this subject but none have the solution i need.

My problem is this, when i try to start my ff7d1.bin file, it pulls up a black screen and just hangs there. it does the resolution and everything that i've configured with my plugin but it just doesn't play past the balck screen.

can anyone help?

my plugin is this

P.E.Op.S. OpenGL Driver 1.78

1280x960x32 window

tx qual r8g8b8a8
tx filter 4
hi-res tx 0
gfx card vram 0

fps limit on
frame skip off
auto on

off scren drawing 4
FB tx 2
FB access 3
alpha on
mask bit on
advanced bending on

special game fixes on
adjust FB acces on

and that's all

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Sound needs to be enabled for the game to work. At least some games.
Vista and Windows 7 has an option to mute single programs if you'd prefer to play without sound sometime.

Can you try the original disks?

Also, can you enter the bios?
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