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Final Fantasy 7 mp3's

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hey what was the name of the actual ff7 theme song?
does anyone know where i can download the mp3?
am i allowed to ask that?
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I do it Me, myself and i.

just play the game, and use this proggie yerself


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yOU PLAY THE GAme normally. then when the music you want starts, just alt+tab the Emu, and press the record button, and cameback in the game, and record the lenght you want.

that´s all

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Originally posted by Vidhath
and how would i do that?
oh sorry man i missed a few points.

first, this prog. can record real-time sounds from any aplication, and in the WAVE format. you will have to compress to MP3 with some other prog, i suggest you this one.
it´s free

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1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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