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Final Fantasy 7 mp3's

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hey what was the name of the actual ff7 theme song?
does anyone know where i can download the mp3?
am i allowed to ask that?
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FTPs is da best way
ive downloaded FF8 OST, FF7 OST, FF6 OST, FF9 OST, Chrono Trigger OST, The brink of time and MGS OST from FTPs.... the Chrono Cross one was from an http (thkx Raz ;) ) but MP3 via HTTP iz lame...
go to EFnet and look for some game music #, then stand around untill someone gives theyr FTP infos
its kinda difficult
u jes want the main song (the one that plays on the world map right?)

im gonna see if i can find sumthin for ye :)
i dont know the proggie but its more probable that it records in wav than u have to convert it
but whait a minute, i didnt receive any mail from u m8 :confused: jes the one offering help! did u upload the musics somewere?
hum... dunno, jes received the 1st mail...
if its not much of a problem, could u let the musics there for some more time? i still dont have the whole OST ;)
oh, u dont need to upload it then, i have those ;)
thkx anyway!
1 - 7 of 25 Posts
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