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Hello Fellow gamers,
I know it's about 2 years from when this post was first began, but I just started playing FFVI on my PSP via POPS and encountered the same issue. To be honest, I think it might be an issue with either having cheats enabled OR too much info on the flash0 (or is it 1) memory. The way I fixed this was to save my game on the airship via cheat. Then I performed a full reboot of the PSP, began the game again with no cheats enables, and most likely flash memory cleared, landed the airship, and WA-LA, problem solved. If this is happening on emu's as well, I think emu's also use a temp file for flash. If there is an option to clean flash memory, that would probably help to avoid re-starting the emu. Hope this helps some of us Final Fantasy fanatics.

Dragoon JC :thumb:
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