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Problem found and a soultion is available

The problem, as I found through trial and error, deals with the one of the cheats. There is a byte that controls whether the save menu is available in "non world areas". During early play a byte value of 0 and saves are not available while a value of 128 allows saves. I HAD set mine to 128 and held constant, allowing saving anywhere anytime. Obtaining the airship after the opera and it disappeared. Attempting to duplicate the suggestion by MaquinaX did not solve the problem, because the value of 128 was saved and was still 128 after a re-start (the method by which cheats are applied must be different for him). I then turned off the cheat (Cheat Engine)and started a new game and after the opera the airship was visible.

The trial and error came later during WOR after obtaining the Falcon. In one of the long sequences, I needed to save and do something constructive, so I changed the value to 128 saved and ended; yes I could have used the save state--but didn't. Once I was back at that sequence and completed it, walked outside and NO AIRSHIP. The 128 value of the byte did not change through many battles and sequences.

Frustrated and not wanting to go through another 10 hours, I remembered the value of the byte being 2 before changing and changed the value back to 2, and the airship became visible.

The byte value then needs to be 128 in the early part of the game, 129 after the airship (I haven't checked that part of the game, but seems reasonable); and 130 in the WOR with the Falcon for saves to be constantly available AND the airship to be visible. Not changing the value of the byte would work also, saves being allowed only where the programers intended.

I did start another game to check the values after the initial airship is obtained after the opera scene. The values of the byte are in fact 6 (normal) and 134 (save option is available all the time)
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