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I know right, another FFX problem...

So the whole time I've been playing the game, I've never run into any serious / major problems, just the occassional fluctuation of FPS.

However, now I'm in the Al Bhed home, right after the save spot in the Home - Corridor. As I go through the door to the area where you walk down the stairs to the summoners sanctum, the FPS goes abnormally low, the audio slows down, but oddly enough the subtitles continue at a normal speed. It continues like this until I get into the sanctum....then Isaaru comes to talk to me, and the whole game crashes.

I've tried tweaking different random settings to see if anything will change but with no luck. Im using version 0.9.6 however Im on a school issued laptop, so I'm not fully aware of the technical specifications.

Im mainly just wondering if there are any tips / tricks that people use in such a situation, or if there is an obvious setting that I'll need to change to avoid this situation.

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