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Final 9 second disk black screen

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on the second disc of final 9 the game locks up.
i walk in to the next screen and the cd-rom drive stops thinking. the music continues but i get a black screen and nothing seems to work. it is the location when entering the wilrwind. and i using pete's drivers.
can anybody help me?
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i think you have a cdrom problem. try converting it to iso.
It's not CDROM, 'cause ISO does that, too. Are you using savestates? This is a problem fixed by not using savestate (either loading or saving). Use normal saves until after you pass that part. There are some other locations like that. You did make regular saves, right? Just Leave Cleyra's trunk and back out into the world map, save, resart epsxe, and load the regular save. No savestate!
thank you very much. i will try.
but with my normal savegame, the save with a moogle the program locks up. what am i doing wrong?
Make sure you have a memcard set up... go to Aldo's Tools for some good memcard managing/creation/converting apps. The problem you were having earlier is a common one caused by using savestates, so doing what EfrainMan suggested will almost certainly work.
it works EfrainMan

what you said worked, so thank you.
No prob, man. Happy to oblige. BTW, another point where the game might freeze up on you like that is after the card game tournament. Make sure you save before the last round. Happy hunting :).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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