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files to improve graphics on Vgs?

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Any links to download Vgs graphics enhancement?

I got matrox g400 and directX 8.1 but
the graphic it's not that best!

Help me please!!!


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Originally posted by Samor

not always anymore....
many 2D games already run just as good in ePSXe as they do in VGS. The sound in ePSXe is also better in some games.
Agreed.... now I only use VGS for games that won't run on anything else.... most of the time it's ePSXe, then FPSe, then if all else fails, VGS. :)
Originally posted by Samor
sounds like I should install fpse

to be honest I never tried it...
Works pretty well, IMO.... ironically, I've never really used it until it got discontinued.... :eek: But, better late than never I guess.
Originally posted by Samor
any games it works especially good with?
Hmm... can't think of any right now... I'll let you know if something pops up in my head :)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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