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Hi all!

So, straight to the point..... I ended up installing FIFA 2007 on my Windows 10 x64 machine and after some trouble with installing this old game on new Windows and if anyone wonders how:

You need to run this command "I:\\autorun.exe -DXInstalled" where "I" stands for the CD/DVD/Bluray drive or virtual drive where the game is located

Now the game works fine as it should technically expect for the controller issues. I have two (2) contrllers, one old Wired Xbox 360 and one Xbox One Elite controller, both controllers work fine with this game but each one of them is recognized as two controllers which means the game thinks I have 4 controllers (with one controller you are controlling two players on the ground at the same time). Because it detects one controller as two, basically I have double inputs for both of my controllers (both menus and ingame).

However, after some search I found one video on youtube and one site:

Basically you need to disable some Human Interface ID under Device Manager related to the Xbox 360 controller and with this solution Xbox 360 controller is now recognized as one controller but my Xbox Elite controller is still recognized as two controllers, I tried to do similar things like with the X360 controller but no progress.

Does anyone knows the solution and would this x360ce tool somehow be able to fix my issues?
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