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Hi to all,
I have FFXII PAL and finally it work on my notebook that is:

Dell Studio
Intel Duo 2,00Gh
2Gb DDR Dual Channel
Ati Radeon HD 3450 256Mb

I use Pcsx 0.9.6
with gsdx r887 SSS3 (yes my cpu support it)
and for audio SPU2-x

There is my problems:
1)Are my plugin the lastest?where I could find the lastest one?
FMV are slowly but not so slowly...I mean they are wachable, the main problemi is the sound!!!
Sound is crappy always! on FMV and in game!
How I can solve it...?!

2)The last problem is a bit different...can you advise me some good configuration for video? because I can run FFXII at 40FPS in small area and 24FPS in big area...can I some way arrive to 30FPS?I don't care about video quality I just want to play nice this game...that's all...

Thanks for all
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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