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My pc specs:
AMD Phenom X3 Triple Core 8450 (2.1 GHz)
ATI Radeon HD 3450

i can play final fantasy xii zodiac job system with around 35 fps... i dont know but somehow when i press the W or E key which is set to one of the shoulder buttons the game runs 3xtimes faster... so it runs like around 70 ~ 80 fps...

anyway, would it take changes on the pcsx2 if im gonna decrease the hd 3450 graphic quality to improve speed, or increase the hd 3450 speed graphic to get better graphic quality?

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Your cpu clock speed is way too weak, either try to overclock it or buy a new one and unless you play with uber high resolution, vga doesn't affect much.
You can also try the latest pcsx2 beta with all the speedhack, it may help a little.

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setting gsdx res to native may help too, as FFXII is more GPU demanding.

I agree about the weakness of your cpu though ;)
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