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FFX with Phenom9950 and ATI4870

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I'm am using the very latest beta release of PCSX2, and my computer has a Phenom 9950 (2600Mhz) and an ATI4870.

My problem is that the game runs slow. Also, the sound is about 1s late, and choppy.

The game plays at the same speed (about 80%, 40-60fps)regardless of resolution, so I suppose I have more of a cpu problem than a graphic card one. So lowering configs on sound helps, but lowering graphical stuff does nothing.

I tried speed hacks and frame skip, but they make any non-static object (as in the characters in the opening sequence, for example) not appear in half of the frames.

I plan to try to overclock my CPU, but I wanted to know if anybody had some advice? Should I be using GSdx or ZeroGs? For sound, SPU2-X or ZeroSPU2? Please help me :). Also, what CPU settings should I change that might be compatible with my CPU and FFX?

PS. My absolute priority is seamless fluidity, and a game speed of 100% (or even 150%, that would be nice, I'm impatient). If I can achieve this, and only then, I will crank up settings. Help?
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On the very latest GSdx, and in speed hacks, there is a VU section. By activating it to full, I get no bugs, and I'm running 150FPS, with no frame skip nor 2x Speed, and in full 1920*1200 AA16 :lol:
also turn off some of those uneeded background services also that could smooth things out.
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