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Hello, I have an issue with FFX running TOO slow when gameplay, basicaly the little cutscene in the begining and little cutscenes when you talk to people the game works fine including the sound, but when I start to run it looks like he's going in slow motion and the music slows down a bit too.

windows XP SP2
AMD dual core 2.6 ( have dual core optimizer tool downloaded )
2gigs of DDR2
7900 GS NVIDIA 256

I'm currently using Pcsx2 9.6
GPU - zerogs 0.97.1
SPU - peops SPU2 1.90
cddvd rom - Linuzappz ISO cddvd 0.7.0

The game looks great and the sound sounds great, only issue is the slowdown, my video settings are default and i have clicked on and off the FFX hack and best filtering and the same slowdown effect happens. I run at a steady 40 FPS when gameplay and 60 FPS in cutscenes and movies. Any useful info regaurding wether FFX runs better on an older Pcsx or a better GPU for my stats please let me know, thanks in advance. Oh and I am using the MDF file I got from using daemon tools on my cd, the same effect happens when i run it on the cd and when i run the MDF file.
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