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Hey guys I'm having trouble with this one area in FFX. After Yuna performs her sending, there's a scene with Tidus' monologue. After that it has the sleeping music. My game stops right there. I still here the waves from the ocean in the background but the screen turns black.

I have already beaten this game before on 0.9.4 and never had that problem.
I am currently using 0.9.6 and my specs are:

AMD 9500 Quad-Core processor 2.2 GHz
3 gigs of ram
Geforce 8500 gt
Vista 32

I KNOW that it is not my processor because everything runs perfect on it.

Can someone specify the problem and give a solution? Sorry if this has been answered already but I couldn't find a post with this problem and I've been looking for over 2 hours.
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