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hi guys,

the game crashes at the al-Bed secret mainhouse in the dessert, where you search after Yuna. If that happens i can only select debugging or closing the Emulator. I have a copy of the Errorlog:
Problemereignisname: APPCRASH
Anwendungsname: pcsx2 0.9.6.exe
Anwendungszeitstempel: 49a77286
Fehlermodulname: GSdx-sse2.dll
Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 496bc509
Ausnahmecode: c0000005
Ausnahmeoffset: 0026021d
Betriebsystemversion: 6.0.6002.
Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
Zusatzinformation 1: fd00
Zusatzinformation 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Zusatzinformation 3: fd00
Zusatzinformation 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

What i have tried, switching the soundplugin and switching from dx10 to dx9.
But it doesn't work.

Please can someone help me.

I have changed the grafik plugin to Zero GS and at the same spot it crashes again :mad:
here a screen from the commandline where the images first seems buggy:

and here a screen of the commandline where the emulator is crashing:

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