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FFX FPS fluctuations

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My Rig:
Phenom 9500 running at 2.5 Ghz
Asus M3A78-T mobo
4 gigs Kingston hyperx ddr2 1066
xfx hd4870 xxx
vista ultimate x64
Plugin settings:
Gsdx 9 pixel shader 3
Interlacing: none
NLOOP hack black check
texture filtering
Alpha correction
CPU settings:
VU recomps checked
MTGS checked
Frame limiting is on limit with 65 fps

During gameplay FMV sequences run flawlessly at 65 fps. When it gets into battle or im running around the world it slows down to around 35-40 fps. Is there anything you guys could recommend or is it just my rig ? Im new to using pcsx2 so I am still learning some of the quirks of it.
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Sadly it's your computer, more specifically the processor.

You might need to overclock that processor to about 3Ghz.
60FPS is the normal limit (since I'm not sure if you sped it up intentionally or not).
See thats the thing though i do get 60 fps during movies but when i enter battle it slows down severely. Didn't know if I had some settings wrong on my plugins or not.
I was only commenting on the frame rate you had manually set. The "don't go over this limit" box won't effect any slowdowns under that.

It probably slows down due to lack of hardware power, as was said. A common recommendation is that a ~3GHz Core 2 CPU will net basically full speed in Final Fantasy X most of the time, but even it slows down at parts. Your CPU isn't quite as fast clock for clock as a Core 2, and is clocked slower to boot, so I would have to agree with the guess that this is the problem. Still, 45FPS seems a bit low, as I remember people saying some higher clocked Pentium Ds could run that game nearly full speed, so I couldn't say for sure if that's normal. It's one of the easier 3D games to get going full speed.
FMV's (especially FFX ones) dont require that much processing power thats why your getting good speed in them try overclocking that CPU to at least 3 Ghz.
Cpu (processor) limited is your problem. You have 2 options: Overclock or go with intel core 2 processor.
Nice try but intel isnt always the answer. New Phenom 2's are over 3 Ghz. Ill just go with that.
Nice try but intel isnt always the answer. New Phenom 2's are over 3 Ghz. Ill just go with that.
fanboy, tuanming said Core2Duo 'cause almost ANY C2D CPU (from e2xxx to e8xxx series)will outperform your Phenom (on PCSX2, some need to be OCked) and you can buy it for a fraction that will cost you a Phenom II, unless you have a board that support the socket AM3 and have DDR3 RAMs you'll spend a lot more money instead of going with intel.

Phenom II is a GREAT line indeed, but will not bring you any most performance than a regular C2D at 3GHz+, if you pretend upgradig your rig for PCSX2, Intel will be the best option (price wise).

EDIT: also you can buy a Brisbane and OCked it to 3GHz+, I saw some ppl pushed it to 3.7GHz, a "rollback CPU upgrade" but you'll see much better framerates on PCSX2 than your current Phenom.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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