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Well, even if this post is already a few weeks old
still many guys have the same problem, i guess.

Same here.

After 4hours very hard hours of trying and
many many cigarettes later, i found a "solution".
It isnt really one, but who cares!? :)


Changing cpu- and soundstuff will not help.
If u see the artifacts starting : press F1 for saving the game,
so the game will skip a few frames because of saving.
Go on with it, every time. In best case make a backup of your
If you load the game and it crushes nearly instantly because
of the errors, switch the graphics-card-plugin and do it again.
That means : from SSx -> ZeroGS -> SSx -> ... until you skipped
the buggy scene.

These will be: (no spoiler)

At the tempel where Yuna comes out,
right after the Maester trouble,
in the Al Bhed home town ( which sucks extremly hard ... ) and
while fighting Sin.

Good Luck :)

14 Posts
The next one will be right after Zanarkand
When u'll meet Yunalesca.

The normal procedure didnt help there.
I had to save with f1 until the crashy spot
( worst is where u can see a cryin face )
-> options -> processor -> disable EERec
that resulted in 15fps but the buggy scene
just disappeared.
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