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FFVIII problem

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I just started the game. Everything runs smoothly, but when I ran into a certain enemy on the beach area just outside of Balamb Garden, it had missing polygons. This only happens for this enemy so far, it's the orange fish thing. I'm only seeing the polygon for the fin. Here are my settings:

I'm using epsxe 1.7.0. Could that be the problem? I've heard certain versions of epsxe work better with certain games.

(oops, my texture quality is supposed to be highest, i must've accidentally changed it when i opened it up to screencap)
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You have no clue how dumb I feel lol. After I posted that, I went back to playing and...yeah, I laughed at myself. Yes, I've played it before, so when they came out of the ground I felt like such an idiot. It's been years and years, and since it's on an emulator, I thought there was a problem. But still, that's no excuse lol.

I've spent a good hour or so working with epsxe and all versions of it, when all I had to do was load my savestate from that battle and let it go on for about 6 more seconds. Never thought I would fail so bad xD
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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