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I was instructed to make a thread and elaborate on what my problem is, so hopefully this works out best and thanks ahead of time if your able to help me out.

I recently just installed my ePSXe emulator 1.7.0 and I was able to play Legend of Legaia w/o a hitch, but now that I've moved onto FFVIII I can't get over how terrible it looks no matter what I try to do to the video config.

I've tried various people's config solutions, but each solution is worse than the first. Then I read a post by Erzesel here stating why he believed the gpu plugin I was using (Pete's OpenGL2) was inferior to Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.1.75, and went on to prove why that was the case in his screenshots.

Once I saw his screenshots I knew I had to get the driver he was using to improve how my game looked, because the terribly graphics I'm getting are bad on the eyes when you have a 32 inch monitor.

The only problem is that I can't find that driver...

So then I did some reading and I read that ePSXe 1.5.2 ran squaresoft games good and is supposed to be better than 1.6.0, but I have 1.7.0. So now I'm thinking that perhaps it may be better than 1.7.0 and I'm debating whether or not to download it as my emulator instead. Maybe then the graphics will be better emulated, iunno. :O

Welp, here's my specs...

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3 (5.1, Build 2600)
System Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.40GHz
Memory: 3328MB RAM
Direct X Version: 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeFORCE 8800 GT
G-Card Approx Memory: 512.0 MB
Screen Resolution: 1360x768

If there's anything I can do with these specs to make this game run better and look better @ fullscreen (and hopefully similar to Erzesel's screenshots), please feel free to let me know, because I'm stumped @ this point.

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looks fine on my 24" using petes opengl2.

some people just have unrealistic expectations.

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I've had alot of experience playing with Pete's OpenGL and Pete's OpenGL2 plug-ins, and I can say that OpenGL2 is overall better. Generally, Pete's OpenGL(1) at maximum looks better than Pete's OpenGL2 without all the bells and whistles, but at it's maximum, it is superior (and more accurate).

First of all, the post you referenced is over four years old.

Secondly, maybe it's just me, but his shots don't really look that great to me. Then again, this is my idea of good (little to no pixelation in the backdrop, no blurry 3D textures, no funky text edges, and enhanced/sharp/anti-aliased 3-D over the original).

Third and probably is what is the cause here, have you ever hooked a Playstation up to that HDTV and tried playing it? It'll look like a mess. SD games on HD displays won't look as good as SD games on SD displays. That's just how it works, period. This is why I don't run over 640x480 for ePSXe (the games themselves are a measly ~320x240 most of the time!), but would not advise over 1024x768, so I cringe when I see people running like 1680x1050, when it's so much larger and also stretched/fattened. You're a little higher than 1024x768 at 1366x768, but you're still stretching (fattening) everything by making it wider.

Also, a TV, even an HDTV, isn't as sharp as a PC monitor. It's large size mixed with it's lower resolution (compared to a PC monitor) makes it less sharp. I've tried this myself on my 32" 1366x768 HDTV versus my PC monitor. Text specifically is pretty blurred. Everything bleeds at the edges.

Okay, that aside, here's my advice.

Use ePSXe 1.7.0, as it's fine.

Stick to a 4:3 ratio unless you just have to have the whole screen filled, but then you'll get stretching and wider/fatter images. If you can live with that, more power to you. The stretching may be contributing to making it look worse, though. The games are natively 4:3, so they will be 4:3 images stretched to 16:9 or 16:10, whichever it is. Personally, if I was trying to emulate games on my HDTV, I'd set it to 1024x768 and just live with the Black unused space on the left and right.

Lastly, Final Fantasy VIII is a hard game to get perfect. I'm afraid I can't give a configuration guide for it, as I haven't started on it on ePSXe yet.
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