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FFVII Rocket Town glitch

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Hi there :)

I'm kinda new at this emu stuff but I've been managing ok till now...

I've been havin fun playin FFVII up until the scene at Rocket Town - the movie where the rocket fails to launch. All I get after the movie is a blank screen. By the way this has happened to other people in the exact same place. I have an original european ver of the discs.

I've searched everywhere else for help and all people say is 'like change to ePSXe dude' but I like AdriPSX!!! Also I been playing this game for a long time and I dont want to start over. I thought about converting my memory card files - swopping over to ePSXe until after the scene - but the tools I've found dont seem to support AdriPSX mem files.

Can anyone help me?
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You hate midgar part? Man...I love that part...I love the full game, but the shinra and all was just amazing for me....haha happy playing though.
Yeah I understand, I think I liked it the most because I thought "every thing is going to happen in midgard? Then I got out of it and I was like "WOOOOAHH!!!" so I guess for the fact that I did know there was another world out there kind of made the game 10 times better for me...if this makes sense but it kind of doesn't...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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