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FFVII Rocket Town glitch

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Hi there :)

I'm kinda new at this emu stuff but I've been managing ok till now...

I've been havin fun playin FFVII up until the scene at Rocket Town - the movie where the rocket fails to launch. All I get after the movie is a blank screen. By the way this has happened to other people in the exact same place. I have an original european ver of the discs.

I've searched everywhere else for help and all people say is 'like change to ePSXe dude' but I like AdriPSX!!! Also I been playing this game for a long time and I dont want to start over. I thought about converting my memory card files - swopping over to ePSXe until after the scene - but the tools I've found dont seem to support AdriPSX mem files.

Can anyone help me?
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yeah, AdriPSX isnt compatible with other emulators, sorry about that. so in a way, you're pretty screwed because you cant switch emulators. i really recommend switching to a more advanced emulator like ePSXe or PSXeven...

in the meantime, try using different CD plugins, make an ISO, try pete's software GPU at that part...
you hate the midgar part? that part kicks ass :D

Ps. I-Chan, I've used both savestates and mems with AdriPX, the mem card saves as a .mem file and is activated with F3 key ingame.
i guess you didnt understand what he meant ;) adriPSX's game saves are not actual memory card files like ePSXe, PSXeven, etc use. those emulators actually use PSX type saves, 128kb files. adripsx pretends to use memory card saves but it's actually a form of save state (like you said, activated by F3).
i'd use either ePSXe 1.5.2 or PSXeven0.18
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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