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First of all: I am sorry, if this has been mentioned several times already.
If that is the case, feel free to gimme a link. ;)

The game works great, only with a few minor problems.
So this is entirely optional.
Though I wouldn't mind, if the game would run without any problems.
Makes it less annoying. :p

The minor problem is the sound.
It works great overall, but some sound effects are either glitchy or a little bit off.
Like when casting Bolt1/Flare, using Hyper or some train-sounds.

I use the Eternal SPU Plugin as my sound plugin.
My Settings

If there is any solution, tell me. :bow:

Again, sorry if that has been mentioned several times already.
But I rarely visit these forums. :laugh:

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First of all, disable all the special game fixes. FF7 needs none of those.

Second, your buffer is way too high. The default is 64 and if you have a decent CPU you probably want to lower it; I have a C2D T6500 and mine is set to 50.

I've been playing FF7 a lot lately and SPUasync > Smooth made the sound really crappy. Switching to Thread made it sound a lot better, however it's not "perfect". I guess that's a combination of MIDI sound and low quality sound effects, and not the fault of the emulator. In other words, it's as good as it gets.
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