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FFVII help plz

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Whenever I am playing FFVII on the emulator and i enter a battle, the screen freezes for a sec and the bottem 3rd where the fight menu should be is black with a small purple rectangle across. Can anyone help me?

I'm using Pete's D3D driver 1.75
my graphics card is a GeForce 6200

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first of all, what drivers are you using for your card? go to and get the latest ones.

also, with that card, use Pete's OGL2 and check out this thread:
i suck at replys

I fixed it thanks for trying :emb:
Alot of people have problems with the FF games....maybe there should be one MASSIVE sticky thread, will the most common problems and solutions available....

..oh, and congrats for getting it working. ;)

r2rX :)
What, you mean like my site?
True enough though....but who read stickies and bother to search?
Yeah, when you have a truckload of :spam:, what else do you need? :rolleyes:

Try to be a little more interesting in your posts please, the forum [rules]rules[/rules] forbid spam.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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