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FFT problem (gameplay related)...

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I made an image of FFT using Clone CD...

It works, but I just realize that I can't seem to learn any new abilities, the ability screen just remains greyed out enem though I have more than sufficient amoung to learn abilities...

Please help?
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Ah, never mind, I pressed triangle on the character, and its there, I went straight to the ability screen instead, been years since I played this last, maybe you're not supposed to learn it from there ~_~

Oh, I can't seem to change the control config of the start button in ePSXe 1.6.0 to anything, everytime I press anything, it changes the square button to whatever I press it to, and the Start button rermains to be V, any solutions?
This is tricky. Try not using TAB or ENTER when using the pad config for ePSXe.
Use a frontend to replace the bulit-in plugin for ePSXe. If you can, go to REGEDIT and edit the values there.

Try not double-posting though...There is an EDIT button for you to add additional infomation.
Frondtend? Like ePSXeCutor, would that work, or can you suggest me one?
Bingo...your frontend is one of the best out there. Familerise yourself with the program and come back here if you need any help.
Heiji, you can try pressing and holding the button, select another box, and then release the button. Do that with all the boxes. I had a similar problem with my pad and solved it like that.
No no, my problem is not with a pad, I just want toassign the start button to enter, but when I do that, it changes r3, not square, sorry, to enter instead...

Oh, I downloaded "Segu's Key plugin DX7", is there any way to use this plugin without the frontend? Seems a bit much to use that with just a plugin...
No, you can't use pad plugins with ePSXe windows version, neither alone nor with any frontend. If you want to assign enter to a button, you'll either have to find an external app to configure it (wich exists, but whose name i can't recall), or edit the registry with regedit (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\epsxe\config\Keys1 stores your current control's configuration). You need to know the scancodes to do that, check them here.
Ok, thanks...

I ended up just testing each button setting in the registry ~_~

Here it is using the default button config, I only wanted to change the Enter button, which is number 28... And this is digital only...

Lef Rig Up Dow Tr Ci X Sq L1 L2 R1 R2 St Se L3 R3
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