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Hi, I'm new to epsxe, and I still have some question about it.
I am using Pete's openLG1.54 plugin for the epsxe, and strangely whenever I play final fantasy tactics, the world map just flashes, then it dissapears, same with the tutorial section.
I was using the "Nice feature. Then I switched to the setup from the epsxe online guide thing.
I'm just wondering if there are other plugins that may work perfectly with Final fantasy tactics
My computer
Athlone 1.2 Ghz
Geforce2 Pro
384 ddr ram
Pioneer dvd 16X
Creative sound blast live 5.1 (but only using two speakers when playing with epsxe)
Thankz a bounch
Edit: oh yeah, in the starting menu, there are some sound problems where the sound just played very unsmoothl when I have the gpu plugin at "nice", but it sounded normal when I switched it to "fast." However, the world map is still pitch black
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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