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I'll try to answer your question, but no prizes please. ;) I don't want that kinda prize.

Anyways, I know exactly what the problem is, you are using the wrong emulator! You have the NTSC version, because you confirmed that disc's 2,3,4 ran but you were expirencing MDEC problems. This could only mean one are using FPSE

Also, that 1/5 screen MDEC problem is something I've ONLY encountered with FPSE 0.9 not ePSXe 1.4.0. Also, why are you asking for the "internal plugin" for epsxe? It something you can't download because it's built-in! :rolleyes:

anyways, download the correct emulator from this site.

also download the lastest video drivers for your video card too.

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Ok if you are using windows 2000, do not use pete's CDR plugin, it will not work since win2000's ASAPI layer (undelying code which controlls CDrom funtions) are different from win98/me.

Also, do not use pete's Direct Sound if you have windows 2000. Direct Sound seems to work differently from win98/me

here are the recommended setting for FF9

Internal Epsxe 1.4.0 Win2k ASAPI driver (for win 2k)
Internal Epsxe 1.40 win9x APAPI driver (for win98/me)*
Requires extra configuration

Null's 1.35 SPU
Force Vag 48k: On
Enable tone-cache: ON
Enable VAG stream: ON
Linear Interpolation:ON

Sound options
Enable Sound:ON
Enable CDDA Sound:On
Enable XA sound:ON
Enable XA read:ON

I've included a pic.

Under gamefixes
set G4 polygon cache: ON
everything else off in game fixes

here is a picture
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