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FFIX Movies

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I'm playing FFIX (german version) with EpsxE on my PC.
The game itselfe works fine but the Videos run slowly.
They are so slow that I have sound bugs too.

When I toggle Petes GPU driver (1.50) on fast the videos are fine but the hole game runs too fast. When I use a FPS limit (60) the game is ok but the videos are slow. Which configuration is the best?

My System:
P-III 500
168 MB-RAM
Riva TNT2

Thx in advance
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Why don't you try making an ISO of your game CD, using ISOBuster or CDRWIN, and run the game from your hard disk. This will definatly speed things up for you. BTW Pete has release version 1.51 of his graphics plugins.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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