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FFIX Glitches during Battles?

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Has anyone had this problem? I had to dump VGS because of this. Sometimes during a battle, when I select the attack button, it doesn't select the enemies but instead selects my players and they end up killing themselves. My party gets killed just trying to run away...

So what do you think the problem is. I had to resort to ePSXe. Preferred VGS because the sounds don't screw up during an FMV like in ePSXe. :(
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I have the same problem but no solution(normally only happens to me on the world map)
I've had this problem, too. It doesn't happen frequently, though, so I don't mind. If ever that problem appears, I just reset VGS an it goes away. Just try saving your game more frequently so you won't lose too much playing time when it does kick in.

BTW, the problem doesn't happen on the world map alone.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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